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helping businesses become game-changers in their industry through insightful analysis, data-driven strategy, and creative production.

Our story

About Kinetik

Kinetik LA was co-founded in 2016 by Ru Keïn and Jennifer Schanuth.

Ru leads our Branding, Web Design, Advertising, and Market Research efforts. A veteran of the technology industry, Ru’s primary expertise is developing online platforms designed to increase leads and drive sales. A rare blend of both creative and analytical talent, she loves diving headfirst into data to develop an ingenious strategy for your ad campaign, marketing launch or brand identity.

Jennifer is an expert in Video Production, Brand Marketing, and Social Media. She knows how to leverage both online and offline marketing efforts to help you reach the highest number of prospects for the lowest cost so your business can thrive in today’s media environment. She has an unusual gift for visual storytelling that allows her to capture on the screen what most of us might struggle to articulate in words. When it comes to building your brand and communicating your message, Jennifer finds a way to tell your unique story and make it shine the brightest.