About the Founders

Jennifer Schanuth

Jennifer Schanuth is an expert in Health & Fitness Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Video Production. She knows how to leverage both online and offline marketing efforts to help you reach the highest number of prospects for the lowest cost so your business can thrive in today’s media environment. When it comes to building your brand and communicating your message, Jennifer finds a way to tell your unique story and make it shine the brightest.

Jennifer’s professional creative experience started in the entertainment industry where she launched and hosted a hit radio talk show, started a talent management agency, and worked under an award-winning Top-40 music video editor. Before Kinetik, Jennifer led the marketing effort at a boutique fitness studio in Santa Monica where she spearheaded campaigns in social media content marketing, event planning and PR. A talented athlete and personal trainer herself, Jennifer is driven by an innate desire to help others reach their potential and improve their lives. She continues to fulfill this purpose on a larger scale by carrying out Kinetik’s mission.

Rachel Greenwood

Rachel Greenwood leads our Web Design, Advertising, and Market Research efforts. A veteran of the financial technology and information security sectors, Rachel’s primary expertise is developing online platforms that produce the highest possible increase in customer leads and online sales. A rare blend of creative and analytical talent, she dives headfirst into data to find inspiration for your next winning ad campaign, business strategy, and brand identity.

Rachel’s love for computers started at an early age, writing her first program when she was 10 years old. The challenge and joy of building from scratch something that was once just an idea in your head is also what drives Rachel’s passion for brand marketing. A former collegiate athlete and official guest speaker for the Youth Business Alliance in Los Angeles, Rachel loves sharing knowledge with her community both offline and online. Her philosophy is we perform our best work if we simply allow curiosity to be our driving force - and that’s the essence of Kinetik.

The Kinetik Method

A scientific approach to creating exponentially higher value.

Our Mission

To help businesses have a positive impact on the world and succeed in achieving their maximum potential for growth.

Our Logic

The best business strategy, when properly executed, proves that market growth is not a zero-sum game. Traditional marketing efforts are limited by a narrow framework that is centered on a competitive fight over market share. Our approach instead focuses on helping brands create new value, and as a direct result produce infinitely higher growth.

Our Method

We apply creativity to each client's own distinct business model to help them find their true growth potential, and then we help them realize that potential through data-driven creative design, production, and marketing.

Our Distinct Value

Offering top-level professional, technical, and creative services to businesses that need a boost getting started or reversing a downslide. We’ll help you draw a roadmap for your marketing efforts - whether it’s producing a video campaign or designing a full-blown website with top-level SEO.